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Quick Bake Release Premium™ (Allergen Free)

Quick Bake Release Premium™ (QBP)  is the most durable formula available.  QBP has been formulated to withstand high temperatures for an extended period of time. 

This product uses Canola Oil with a synthetic lecithin in order to achieve superior release.  Perfect for heavy baking at temperatures up to and exceeding 400 degrees. 

QBP works great for baking loaves of bread which can sometimes take over an hour to bake.  QBP will not discolor, or add any off taste to baked goods.

Quick Bake Premium™ can also be used in the deli Rotisserie oven.

  • QBP makes rotisserie oven cleanup easier, more complete, and faster
  • QBP adds labor savings and faster turnaround time for next roast cycle
  • QBP improves finished product appearance - reduces shrink by preventing sticking during roasting - no skin tears or limb damage coming off skewers or roasting trays
  • Reduces "hard to remove" fat stains on oven walls and speeds up the cleanup time for the entire oven

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