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Appearance Matters --

Beyond the aroma and flavor of hot bread and rolls, appearance is an equally important factor to consider for you instore bread program. You want your crusty breads to shine.

Mark Lofthouse, Vice President of Marketing and Sales for Custom Baking Products, LLC, maker of Quick Shine, says that traditional liquid egg washes can add the risk of bacterial contamination and that Quick Shine, an egg-wash replacement, helps reduce instores’ exposure to salmonella and other pathogens. Quick Shine contains no egg, requires no refrigeration and uses a non-flammable nitrogen propellant. It adds a bakery shine to breads, rolls, pies and more, according to Custom Baking, and is used in more than 5,000 instore bakery departments.

More important in today’s world in which consumers are increasingly concerned about food safety, Quick Shine removes a critical control point for the bakery process, Lofthouse says.

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