Foodborne Illnesses

Despite having some of the most stringent food processing, preparation and handling guidelines in the world, Americans spend an estimated $17 billion every year in medical care, lost wages, research costs and legal action resulting from foodborne illness contamination. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), foodborne illnesses are responsible for causing nearly 76 million illnesses, 325,000 hospitalizations and 5,000 deaths every year.

The majority of foodborne illnesses result from cross-contamination, occurring when uninfected objects come in contact with a surface or food that has been contaminated by bacteria. The bacteria, if not killed through cooking or thorough washing, are ingested and find a home in the intestinal tract of humans, leading to discomfort and illness.

In recent years, raw eggs and egg products have come under fire for being a possible cause of Salmonella poisoning. According to the CDC, the Salmonella enteritidis bacterium can live inside perfectly normal-appearing eggs, and can cause illness if the eggs are eaten raw or undercooked. The Center estimates that one in 50 consumers could be exposed to a contaminated egg each year.

Furthermore, products like egg wash, which is frequently made in commercial kitchens such as restaurants and bakeries, are made from pooled eggs. According to the CDC, if 500 eggs are pooled, one batch in 20 will be contaminated. Recognizing the health dangers of egg wash and dry powder-type baker’s wash products that contain dried egg white ingredients, many southern state health departments (including Louisiana) outlawed the products due to the year-round warm, moist climate that promotes rapid microorganism growth.

Products like Custom Baking Products, LLC’s Quick Shine™ and Quick Shine™ Enhanced sprays can help in-store bakeries produce the desirable browning and shine on baked goods without the added risk of consumers being exposed to the Salmonella bacteria. Quick Shine products contain no eggs; are microbiologically safe; easy to use (simply spray on – no mixing, refrigeration or cleanup required); result in a fast, even application and are safe to use near gas ovens/stoves.

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